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Guest post: Ron Querry

Ron and Elaine Querry are the Ramrods for the Las Vegas Cowboys’ Reunion Centennial Celebration set for the first week in August, 2015.  There’ll be a 100-Horse, non-motorized parade to kick things off, a Ranch Rodeo, a Centerpiece Exhibition of historic panorama photos and rodeo ephemera, dances, concerts, live theater, a BBQ, a Dutch-oven competition, book-signings, events for kids, and lots more!

Las Vegas Leaders
Mayor Alfonso Ortiz and Councilman Vince Howell at the Legislature

Just a brief note to report on the doin’s at the state legislature yesterday: The Mayor and his folks at City Hall had planned long and hard for a huge day at the Roundhouse – they had personally asked me if I couldn’t round up some Cowboy folks to come show out for the Santa Fe people.

As most of you are aware, it was snowy here in Las Vegas and the interstate was snow-packed and mostly single-lane traffic from Las Vegas to Glorieta early yesterday (no snow at all in Santa Fe).  However, cowboys just “cowboy up” in that sort of situation, and so Miss Elaine and I made the trip without incident. As did Brooks and Tomi Read of the Charles R Ranch And I guarantee, the legislators at the Roundhouse could tell by our get-ups that we were the real deal and they loved it. You never heard so many “Howdys” and “Love your hats” remarks from so many people. And every one had their stories of their adventures in Las Vegas and their uncles and grandfathers who participated in our rodeos.

The Mariachis didn’t make it, so the Rotunda was maybe a little too quiet – I offered to sing some Conway Twitty tunes and have our cowboys boot-scoot awhile, but got outvoted due, I think, to Miss Elaine’s eye-rolling when I mentioned I would sing out loud, there bein’ far too many photographers and recording devices around.

Picture Perfect
The Harvey Girls are a big hit.

We were introduced in both the House and the Senate and heard the readings of the Proclamation declaring yesterday, “Las Vegas Day.”  The Representative from Lea County made a special trip up to the front to present Miss Elaine and me each with a commemorative Lea County coin in celebration of our upcoming Cowboy’s Reunion Centennial.

And let me tell you – the Harvey Girls were a huge hit (how could they not be?)  Harvey Girls Martha and Dee and Becky and Detour Guide Kathy joined the Mayor to serve Charlie’s donuts and coffee to the Governor’s Office and legislators. They mingled and were photographed with anyone who would stand still, and generally represented Las Vegas in the best possible way. I’ll remind you all that the Cowboys and the Harvey Girls are every one of them volunteers – it’s all out of our own pockets.

Cowboys, Harvey Girls and a Detour Guide
Making a splash at the Roundhouse.

Great representation by the City – the Mayor, the City Manager, the City Event Planner among them.  Three of our City Councilors were there.  The High Sheriff from Fort Union and Pecos was there. Gil Gonzalez and other good folks from NMHU were there. It surely would have been fine if there had been some non-profit and business and individual representation there, too. I’ll be (uncharacteristically) kind and chalk it up to weather. If nothing else, those who didn’t come over to add their support missed out on the best doggone green chile burgers ($4) to be had in the Roundhouse Coffee Shop . . . believe it!

At the Legislature
Governor Susana Martinez with the Harvey Girls and Detour Guide

A hundred and fifty copies of “Cowboy Reunions of Las Vegas, NM” were given out to legislators and their staffs (thanks to Sanjay Bhakta), along with 180 donuts and lord knows how many tortillas (thanks to Charlie Sandoval), and gallons of coffee and bright smiles.

The photo at right is from the Las Vegas Day Fandango (from the evening reception at La Fonda). We had to leave before the final curtain, but a  sometimes reliable source tells me the Governor danced ’til the very end.

The trip home to LV was clear – thanks to DOT for that.

We missed a lot of you . . . We had us a time!

Cowboy Reunion 2015

Ron Querry can be contacted at rquerry@gmail.com, 505-366-1960. The Cowboy Reunion website is www.lvcowboyreunion.com


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