What can we do?

Answer #1

If you are a member of Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance you can take part in the scavenger hunt taking place during the Cowboy Reunion and Heritage Week

How do you get involved?Scavenger Hunt

  • E-mail Andrea at unikat@spinn.net, or call her at 505-425-6113, or Tito at 505-425-3745
  • Confirm you want your LVFIBA business to participate.

What is required of you?

  • Hide a little plastic pony in your store (provided by LVFIBA).
  • Allow participating children to look around your store in search of the pony.
  • Once they find the pony, stamp their sheet (which they will have with them), listing all participating stores.

What’s next?

  • Participants turn in their fully stamped sheet at Tito’s Gallery, any time during the contest period (Aug. 1-8).
  • Following the drawing, 12 winners will receive a free pizza at JC’s Pizza (sponsored by LVFIBA).

What’s in it for you as a business?

  • Folks coming into your store.
  • You get to be part of the fun!
  • You help celebrate the cultures and historic foundation of who we are as a community.

Answer #2

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, attend Growing Recycling Businesses in New Mexico, sponsored locally by the New Mexico Recycling Coalition in partnership with the Las Vegas San Miguel Economic Development Corp.

According to information provided by the coalition, in 2010 New Mexicans spent $51 million dollars to bury $168 million worth of recyclable items. On Friday, June 26, Jessi Just from the coalition will share a dozen working business models that could immediately be launched by an intrigued entrepreneur.

Some of what you will learn:Las Vegas San Miguel Economic Development Inc.

  • How to identify sources of material
  • How to coordinate activities with local solid waste departments
  • Learn about customer selling points
  • Understand equipment requirements

Growing Recycling Businesses in New Mexico is aimed at developing and supporting recycling-related businesses that manage or use locally generated recyclable materials.

When and where?

  • Friday, June 26, 10 am – 11:30 am
  • Charlie’s Spic & Span, 713 Douglas Ave.

For more information call 505-454-9323, or email execdir@lvsmecon.org
Las Vegas/San Miguel Economic Development Corp.

Source information for this post comes from LVFIBA and LVSM EDC.


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