Aug. 2 Tour Opens Doors to Historic Properties

Places With a Past TourRestoring her historic home on 7th Street gave Kathy Hendrickson a taste of what it means to be the proud owner of a railroad era Victorian with a past and a future. And it inspired her to become active with the Las Vegas Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation. This is her third year as chair of the Places With a Past Tour committee.

Her goal is to have different properties on the tour each year. To that end, most of the 2015 properties are first timers. With more than 900 Las Vegas structures on the National Register of Historic Places, there are a lot of possibilities.

How does the committee engage with property owners?

“I’ve been known to knock on doors,” Hendrickson said. She laughs as she talks about walking into people’s homes as a guest and sometimes saying right out, “This would be fabulous for the Places With a Past Tour!”

There are some repeat properties, most notably this year, a 1022 Douglas Avenue townhouse.

“This is the ‘after.’ Last year you got to see it pre-renovation; now it is complete,” Hendrickson said.Castaneda Hotel

Highlights of the day will be a look inside the historic Castaneda Hotel, a project in early stage renovation, and the Historic Serf Theater Hall, an event venue created from a repurposed movie house.

Hendrickson said that even if you aren’t a history buff, taking the tour is intriguing for other reasons.

“It’s always interesting to see how people decorate their homes and hear them talk about what it means to own and maintain a historic house. You get a few ideas you can Historic Serf Theatreuse that you never thought of,” Hendrickson said.

Last year’s tour had the largest attendance in its’ 25-plus year history with nearly 800 visitors taking the tour. Hendrickson is hoping to meet or exceed that with the 2015 line up.

The Castaneda Hotel has been on the tour in the past, but its status of ongoing renovation provides new insights as it undergoes restoration. In addition to the Harvey Girls serving as docents at the historic hotel, don’t be surprised if you see Fred Harvey on the premises. The Harvey history as an entrepreneur is an American success story. Harvey’s ideas and implementation set the stage for the development of chain hotels and restaurants with an eye toward comfort and class.

Buildings on the 2015 tour include the Castaneda Hotel, Historic Serf Theatre Hall, Ilfeld Office Building, and Art and Stones Building. Victorian homes include 1022 Douglas Ave. (post-renovation), 1105 Douglas (townhouse), and 1227 6th Street, a single-family dwelling. Adobe homes include 501 ½ Moreno and 2009 New Mexico Ave.

Places With A Past Historic Homes and Buildings Tour is a one-day, self-guided tour of restored Victorian and historic adobe homes. Background history and the unique features of each site will be provided by docents/guides. The tour runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 2. Tickets are $20 each and may be purchased at the CCHP office at 116 Bridge St. Credit cards are accepted. For more information go to, or call 505-425-8803.

What: Places With a Past Historic Homes and Buildings Tour
When: Sunday, Aug. 2, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Where: Selected sites identified on ticket
Price: $20 each
Available: Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation, 116 Bridge Street,

Note: Photos courtesy of Elaine Querry, City of Las Vegas, Historic Serf Theatre


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  1. I live in Albuquerque and want to purchase tickets for the tour of historic homes. Will tickets be available on Sunday or can I purchase them by phone or online?

    • You may purchase tickets that day or you can order them by phone. Call the CCHP office at 505-425-8803. Regular business hours are from 10 a.m – 3p.m. M-Sat.

  2. Thanks so much, Sharon, for the great article promoting the PWAP Tour !

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