Writer’s Block

I don’t have it, writer’s block I mean, but my writing sort of wanders all over the place. One Roof Publishing is where I write about everything, and most would tell you to NOT do that. Focus. Write. Get it right. Do it regularly. Make it work. SEO it to death. I could paper my home office with all the printouts I have from other people’s blogs about writing. My library of writing books would (red alert cliche on the way!) choke a horse. I’m a serious contender for Writing Student of the Month. What I lack is confidence and the will to work hard at publication. It’s too easy to slip into negative mode:

Write NowI’ll never get published.
I’m tired of rejection.
There’s too much competition.

Okay, that last is just plain exasperation. So, I’m an indie author with one desktop published book of poetry I keep a deep dark secret, four books published through Xlibris, my Vander Meer Books website, and this confetti blog. So I write. I Tweet but rarely, post on Facebook, share posts on other platforms, but I can’t even tell you what they are. So I’m doing all the right things, but perhaps not in the right ways.

So this post is my “task for today” in the 2015 October Platform Challenge facilitated by Writer’s Digest senior content editor Robert Lee Brewer. See, the thing is, this is YESTERDAY’S task, and that sort of explains why I don’t get things done and published; tomorrow is always a better day.

Happy Writing!

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Thanks for sharing. Don’t give up – as the cliché goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. As in physics, a lot of writers are celebrated today for things they did years ago.

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  2. I write a lot like you. You are under one roof, I am under one umbrella. My stories wander through genres and lengths, and I have not published much of what I written. But at least we don’t suffer from writer’s block. 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed the platform challenge. I find it fun to expand my horizons. I rarely comment on other people’s blogs, but I really like the look of yours and I liked your post. http://jennifervandenberg.com/

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