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Tree Along the Gallinas

Seriously. I saw an article about a tree monitoring program in Melbourne that was intended to track vandalism. Each tree was numbered and each had an e-mail address. Read the article to see details. In summary, in addition to people reporting vandalism, they also wrote creative letters to the trees. It has sparked a phenomenon with people around the world picking up on the concept.

Tree Along the GallinasAnd then I thought, what if I created an e-mail address for trees in Las Vegas, NM? Would people respond? So โ€“ with nothing else on my plate today I decided to give it a try. To start with I’m writing a poem about the tree on the left. It is situated along the Gallinas River, about half way between Mills Avenue and the bridge on Bridge Street. I invite you to e-mail fsharon@msn.com with your photo, comment, poem, essay about this or any other tree in Las Vegas. Use your imagination. I will gather the e-mails and post them in this blog.

I think this will be fun. I hope it will also stimulate appreciation for the wonderful gift of nature in this beautiful town we call home.


Gnarled and bent
branches heavy with age
you stand like an old man
twisted, yet determined.
Your base is wide
and sturdy,
your girth ample,
your footprint
anchoring the earth
in time and place.

What have you seen
down through the years?
Lovers embracing,
children chasing,
fights and discord,
hope restored?
Applause, applause
you great and mighty tree
bound to the earth
yet in spirit,
so very, very free.

E-mail fsharon@msn.com and join in the fun. Tree is looking forward to being overwhelmed with e-mails!

7 Comments on “Write about a tree

  1. My response to the creative challenge of interpreting an inanimate object – in modern dance class in my senior year of high school – was a five minute solo about different types of trees. Of course I don’t really think they are inanimate, but they are ‘objects’ in the sense the dance teacher meant. I’ve had many other interactions with all sorts of trees since, especially enjoyed writing about the monkey puzzler. Will try to find that piece and post it here if I do turn it up. Love your challenge on this one!

    • Please do! The particular tree I wrote about is the one along the river, but any tree will do. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and I like the idea of celebrating that.

  2. This is a beautiful idea! I live in a town known for its beautiful oak trees. Would you mind if I borrowed your idea for a project in my community?

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  4. Wow, what will you think of next?! This is neat. I hope people respond. I just might. k

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