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Linda Anderle is a creative soul, which you know immediately when you enter 2 Ten: A Galeria of Art & Treasures. Linda and Bill have brought together an eclectic assortment of interesting works that delight the eye and satisfy your search for something unique to add to your collection of arts and treasures. Floral design is the genesis or her innovative imagination. Like the aroma of a beautiful bouquet, her sense of style permeates the gallery with an essence of joy.

Q. What prompted you to open your gallery?
Serendipity and simply the inherent need for a creative outlet. It was not a longtime dream, nor was there a plan to do so at some point in time. It simply evolved in a matter of days this past February.

By profession I have been a floral designer since 1968, actually beginning that career right here in Las Vegas as a young married NMHU student. Since that time, I have worked in floristry and event planning in 10 states and two countries. The experiences have been varied from the very basics of floral design to competitions and National Council judging; to providing group educational travel in floral design and Danish  embroidery techniques as well as reestablishing the Road Scholar program here in Las Vegas; to conceiving and executing programs, conferences and exhibitions on flowers, fibers and women nature writers; to wedding extravaganzas with Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie and numerous speaking/demonstration engagements. All have provided venues for expressing and displaying my talents working with line, color, form, texture and utilizing my skills of organizing experiences for the public.

In the most recent past, avenues for creativity have been quite limited. I missed having or creating opportunities to do what I feel I do well. By happenstance, a door opened. I had absolutely no qualms about walking through! And – as it has always been – Bill was right alongside with encouragement, support and agreement. Together, we were off to another high adventure!

Bill and LindaQ. How do you describe yourself as an artist?
A. Generally I do not. Artist has such a widely accepted connotation: a painter, a musician, sculptor… I ‘”made pretty” with flowers. Even in the early years of competition design work, I didn’t refer to myself as an artist. We were called flower arrangers, a very 1950’s term. Over the years as I traveled, studied and produced floral designs, it became more clear to me, that the work I was doing was truly an art form. The Japanese have always been considered floral artists. The community of floristry has changed drastically over the past 30 years. There are floral designers all over the world who are recognized and acknowledged as artists. As a result, I have become more comfortable saying my name and artist in the same sentence. It is a gift. The talents that have been drawn out through my hands are merely a learned skill of manipulating living breathing plant materials into pleasing  arrangements for another sensitive soul to enjoy. During the years of “making pretty” I have always wanted to create in other ways. My mother was a seamstress, a needlewoman in most every form of needle and fiber. She was most supportive in anything I wanted to make. She was my original “Just do it!” person.

Q. How long have you been creating art?
Forever. As a child: playing in the yard with my brother, creating stone walls, villages and roads to “play cars.” That would be city planning. An art form.

  • Transforming my bedroom and the family living room into theaters, libraries, doctor’s office and school rooms. That would be interior design. An art form.
  • In Junior High: drawing floor plans for theaters and exchanging with a fellow drama student. That would be architecture. An art form.
  • In High School: performing in concert/marching band and drama. That would be public performance and exercises in organization. An art form.
  • In life, finding/making employment for sustenance. The ultimate art form.

Q. Are you self-taught or formally trained?
Self taught. Observing, reading and reproducing. Experimentation. I have taken one required art class in high school and one required art class in college (Ray Drew at HU). To become a Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judge, I did take all the required judging classes in the 1960s. My mentor strongly advised that I NOT take any courses on floral design and just let my natural abilities evolve. My first flower shop boss also said the same. He instructed me in the basics and said, “Just do it.”

Q. What inspires you?
Everything.Colors and texture. Nature. The Masters to the Folk Artist. Visits to museums, art galleries, gardens. One stores images constantly that can or will come to surface in our own work, if we continue to produce.

Q. What would you most want people to know about you as an artist? ”
That as a maker (that person who makes things), I have enjoyed and pleased myself first. If the observer relates in anyway, I have been successful.

Q. What about you most reveals why you are an artist?
The acknowledgment and appreciation of creative expression by others.

Q. What are you most enjoying about having a gallery?
Initially the concept, the quickly put together plan and execution. The excitement and adrenaline rush.

On going, the constant change of shows, the display challenges. The discovery and showing of artists. The self-education of art. The public reaction. The sharing of talent. The venue to make available work that might not be seen otherwise.

Q. Talk about how you selected the name of the gallery?
The address and not particularly wanting our name connected. The exhibition space is not about displaying the pieces I create, when I create.

2Ten is rather fun and simple. Perhaps it makes one curious. Yes, be curious and satisfy one’s curiosity. Seek out that which is not the norm. Open one’s eyes, see and widen the horizon.

An explanation as to the use of Galeria in our name: it is the Spanish word for a group of shopping experiences. We have the gallery space in the front room, the 1836 Maestas home. We have a closet housing and displaying Bill’s LED lights that he offers to homes and businesses. We have a re-sale/retail room. Thus, more than one shop offering art and treasures.

Q. Talk about the work you exhibit/sell?
Items made by the hand. We are open to all media that can be accommodated well in our tiny space. The inaugural show was titled friends & family. Bill and I invited people we know mostly from areas outside of Las Vegas – New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, New York and Maine – to show with us in a variety of media. The works are watercolors, oil, pen & ink, fibers, glass, leather, wood, pottery.

The show opening June 3 is A Selection of a Collection and is part of an estate sale. The pieces belong to a Santa Fe sorority sister of mine from Highlands days. The show  will offer several Ray Drew watercolors, a Janet Lippincott, works of Hal Larsen, Tom Kirby, Louie Ewing, Carl Zimmerman and Elizabeth Chatham.

We have scheduled shows through September of 2017 at this point. We are most open to having artists contact us for possible exhibition. BUT, we would rather not duplicate artists already showing in Las Vegas. Our locals and visitors should be able to view different artists and works from gallery to gallery.

At present we also have a re-sale room of home décor, used books, items of interest, as those items make their way into another setting, we will build an inventory of art related items, much as a museum shop might provide. Folk art. Works reproduced from originals at a more affordable price for gifting occasions. And Bill offers a wide selection of LED light bulbs and fixtures for exterior and interior lighting needs.

Q. What sets you apart from other galleries?
We are in this together, the art community. We all provide exhibition space and  exposure. Perhaps I could say the intimate limited space!  Our visitors in these first two months have commented about the variety – or mix – of work, the displays and flow of the space and the light. Of course, those features are available in any gallery in the world.

A new visual experience every two months! Constant change. Distinctive and different displays. Yummy opening receptions. The anticipation of “what are they showing now?”

Art galleries are for visiting and viewing. The public is always welcome to experience the works on display.  2 Ten is one. Inspiration is there for the taking!

More about Linda Anderle’s journey to 2 Ten: A Galeria of Art & Treasures.
A circle has come round. I became a young adult in Las Vegas, my first job was with Diana Stein at Los Artesantos in the Veeder building on the Plaza. I began my professional floral career, of now 48 years, with Butch VanderSys at Las Vegas Floral on  6th Street (Dome & Carlos Gilbert’s building). My mother, Phyllis Joslin, had a needlework shop just two doors up from our 210 spot back in the ’70s. Even though my childhood was in Texas, I grew up in Vegas. School, marriage, babies – the best of employment mentoring with Calvin Baker at Gordon’s, ClearSight TV with Rex King, the Las Vegas Optic with Milky Maes and Bob Phillips.

This return to Vegas is reconnecting with friends and family from Robertson classes of ’58, ‘64’, ’72. Reconnecting to summer holidays at the Double D Guest Ranch in Sapello. A re-connection with a sense of place called home.

NOT lastly, more importantly, the heartfelt appreciation I have for Bill’s role in this endeavor. He is the shopkeeper. He is the day to day face and greeter, the clerk and the plant waterer. He is so much more. That allows and provides the  outlet for me to create, design, execute, and play with the elements. I get to set the stage, sell the tickets and share the performance, and that is most satisfying to my creative soul.

Linda may be contacted at 2tenplaza@gmail.com
Facebook: 2 Ten: A Galeria of Art & Treasures

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  1. Linda is one of the most talented women I’ve known. She has a “way” of making everything beautiful! Good luck Linda and Bill!

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