Film Locations Focus of PWAP Tour

2016 PWAP Tour

2016 PWAP Tour

More than 100 movies, TV shows and commercials have been filmed in Las Vegas and San Miguel County. The appeal of the area as a filming location goes back to the birth of cinema. Beginning in the early 1900s, countless movie makers and film stars found in Las Vegas the perfect backdrop for their creative ideas. The 2016 Places With a Past Tour will celebrate film making in Las Vegas with tours of the Historic Plaza Hotel, The Veeder Building, Tito’s Gallery, The Indigo Theater, St. Paul’s Peace Church, The Castaneda Hotel, Montezuma Castle, 1001 7th Street, and 1028 7th Street.

Below are responses about the tour from Kathy Hendrickson, tour coordinator for the Las Vegas Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation annual event.

Q. What prompted CCHP to think of using film locations as the focus of the 2016 Places With a Past Tour?
This is my fourth year organizing the Places With a Past Tour. I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before. Las Vegas is so much more than historical homes and buildings, and I wanted the visitors to see that.

Q. How did you identify which properties to put on the tour?
There have been so many films done here, starting with Romaine Fielding and Tom Mix, it was hard to decide! I wanted to showcase the properties and films that most folks could recognize, Easy Rider, No Country for Old Men, Red Dawn and of course, Sheriff Longmire’s office.

Q. What reactions have you received?
Everyone that has heard about the tour loves the idea. I think it could attract an audience to Las Vegas that may not have been here before.

Q. What surprised you most about getting owners to allow their properties to be on the tour?
We have so many beautiful restored homes and buildings in Las Vegas and I was pleasantly surprised to see the owners happy to show them off !

Q. In the past, what is the most common reaction people have had to Places With a Past tours?
This will be our 27th year for Places with a Past Tour and we have a lot of folks that come every year. They love Las Vegas and love to tour all the lovely homes and buildings. Not many towns can claim more than 900 historical homes and buildings on the National Historical Register !

Q. What do you most want people to know about this year’s tour?
I want people to know that Las Vegas has a lot to offer, not only the historic properties, but that Las Vegas is an important movie site location.

Q. Talk about how the tour works.
This is a one-day, self-guided tour. There are ten properties to explore and tour this year, so you can visit all of them or choose what you most want to see. There will be docents at all the locations on the tour, including the Las Vegas Harvey Girls at the Castaneda Hotel and Montezuma Castle. You will receive a map when you purchase your ticket with all the locations marked in red and then another 20 bonus places to drive up and take a “selfie”!

Q. What are the three best reasons to buy a ticket to the 2016 Places With a Past Tour?
( 1) Touring historic sites where your favorite Movie or TV Show has been filmed and learning the history of that place; (2) The newly restored Indigo Theater will be showing old clips of Romaine Fielding and Tom Mix films as part of the tour, at no extra cost;( 3) Exploring Las Vegas and discovering areas in town where a scene from your favorite movie and television show was filmed and take a “selfie” with friends and family !

And a fourth great reason: Explore Las Vegas with open eyes and you’ll find myriad houses, buildings and areas that have been included in movies and television shows over the years. You will be touring historic homes and meeting a lot of great folks, including the Las Vegas Harvey Girls! You will have so much fun discovering locations in your favorite films and taking lots of selfies and photos with friends and family. All this for only $20!


2016 PWAP Sponsors:
Southwest Capital Bank
Historic Plaza Hotel
Charlie’s Bakery and Café
BTU Building Do It Center

Event Details–
What: 2016 Places With a Past Historic Homes & Building Tour Celebrates a Century of Filmmaking in Las Vegas, NM
When: August 6, 2016
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tour Type: Self-guided, docent led
Price: $20 per person
Tickets: LVCCHP 116 Bridge St., 505 425-8803; online at

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