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A tiny overview of the 2016 Places With a Past Tour in pictures, with a comment or two…

NOTE: Apologies to readers. My first post of this was weird in ways I can’t explain, so I took it down, not realizing there would be a post with links to the “site that is no more”. Thanks for letting me know.”

We didn’t see them all, but we saw most of the wonderful properties on the 2016 CCHP Places With a Past Tour. Thank you CCHP and coordinator Kathy Hendrickson for all the work and creativity that went into this event. Your dedication to preserving the multicultural and artistic history of Las Vegas is to be applauded. Thanks also to all the property owners who welcomed visitors.

The CCHP’s mission reads: To preserve, protect and promote the historic, cultural, and architectural heritage of greater Las Vegas through education and advocacy, and to encourage economic development through restoration and rehabilitation.

By showcasing properties that have been beautifully restored (or are in the process of being restored) we all get a better understanding of the past and its impact on the present and the future.  The theme of this year’s tour was based on film locations in historic properties.

Here aHarvey Girl Pam Buethere a few photos I took, most related to the tour, some just because…

Harvey Girl Pam Buethe welcomed guests to the Historic Castaneda where Red Dawn and Midnight Texas were filmed. I told her that for a brief period in the early to mid-1980s, there was a functioning restaurant in the old dining area. That was after the Fred Harvey heydays. The part owner at the time had grand visions, unfortunately he was woefully underfunded. During that same period local non-profits, notably the chamber, held country western dances there to raise funds for services and projects. We had a high old time!

The Harvey paintingGirls continue to provide perspective on history and bring to life a bygone era.

The painting shown here of the Castaneda Hotel is by Route 66 artist Jerry McClanahan. It depicts a solider and his girl in the background waiting for the arrival of the train. The painting was commissioned by art patrons who live in Colorado Springs. They love Las Vegas for its old west flavor and hospitality. The couple come to visit often. Look for a future Q&A with them about why they love our town as much as we do.

bob-7thIn the photo of the two men, my husband Bob, is visiting with Anthony Bollman, owner of a house on 7th Street reportedly in Fool For Love. We’ve been watching this house for months as it has undergone a major overhaul. It is a work in progress, according to the owner, and dates back to the early to mid-1900s. According to Mr. Bollman, who has family in the area, the house, and the two adjacent houses, were built for railroaders. When it’s finished it will be a great example of what you can do to make a house more than a home while retaining its historical integrity.

Rivas House on 7thOne of my favorite houses is a standout example of making great use of space. Shown here are the lovely windows in the dining area. The home was also used as a location for filming of Fool For Love. Before the Allingham family bought the house, legendary Judge David J. Leahy lived there in the early 1900s. When Donna Allingham Rivas and Bob moved back to Las Vegas they worked with architect Jonathan Whitten to double the living space while keeping the home’s historic charm.

We visited the bob-mapPlaza Hotel where Marcus was talking about film history in the area and as it related to the hotel. We also looked around and visited the great gift shop that has a bit of everything. Bob is studying a map of the world. That’s just like him. He’s always interested in the big picture. He will be unhappy with me that I’ve put him in this post not once but TWICE! Let’s let it be our little secret. Marcus’ talk featured some great old photos and interesting tidbits about filming back in the days of Romaine Fielding and Tom Mix.longmire

Of course I had to go in the Veeder Building and check out where the sheriff’s office scenes for Longmire are shot. The next photos are all from that property. Am I a Longmire fan or what? I wish it was still  on a cable channel. I’m too cheap to subscribe to Netflix. As it happens, I’ve read all of the Longmire books and I like them better than the TV show. I keep expecting Dog to show up. If you’ve read the books, you know what I mean. Anyway, it was still fun to tour the building, which is fantastic, by the way. Somebody with a pocketful of money could really do something with it.

The sheriff is not in, bPlaza Parkut the view from his office is amazing. I mean really, really amazing. Honestly, if I could look at this every day I’d never get a thing done. The shot of Plaza Park is in many scenes from the show, usually with some miscreant up to no good, or about to get up to no good.

The Rub a Dub DubVeeder Building has its own intriguing past. The Veeder brothers lived on the second floor and had their law offices there. The first floor was occupied by a grocery store. So, about the bathtub. True or false? Rumor has it that when Teddy Roosevelt was here with the Rough Riders, he bathed in this bathtub (and yes it is the original tub from that era – so they say), which is in the bathing chamber of the residential quarters. Note the stained glass windows. A little light on the subject Mr. Roosevelt?

Yes, we went to the Tom Mix screening. Elmo’s Indigo Theater is a real treat for Las Vegas. He shows golden oldies and films newly minted. I tried to take a photo in the darkened theater, but it came out way fuzzy.

titoTito was showing clips of Easy Rider and visitors were getting their ”mug shots” in front of the jail cells. Behind the computer is a wooden motorcycle carved in detail. You can almost hear Peter Fonda revving the engine.

That’s our tour. No, we didn’t go to Montezuma Castle and we didn’t stop at the Episcopal Church, but we enjoyed the sites we went to and had a nice walk to boot. Enjoy and appreciate our town and all it has to offer. It is a great place to live.


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  1. Sharon, I can’t remember if I commented on this article, but it was so nice to read . Thank you for promoting the LVCCHP and Southwest Detours ! You are an amazing writer and thanks for all you do. I leave tomorrow for Kuwait to visit my granddaughter, will be back on the 4 October. Just in time to organize the Holiday Home Tour !!! Actually, I have the homes lined up already.

    See you in a few weeks, Kathy

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  2. Since we couldn’t be there, thanks for the tour, Sharon!

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