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My challenge for December is to post – among other posts – links to uplifting stories and videos, be it music or news that makes us smile for a while. Enjoy, comment, like and share. If you have a personal, or local story to share (like the one below about the Riveras and their annual Thanksgiving gift to Las Vegas, N.M.), or know of one, please contact fsharon@msn.com with a lead and I’ll follow up.

Public Raises $100K For Widower Selling Kindling to Pay Wife’s Medical Bills


That’s the headline, now read the rest of the story. One person taking an interest in this gentleman made a big difference in his life. Be sure and read the last paragraph. This is exactly the response my father would have had.

Las Vegas, N.M. El Sombrero Restaurant:


A local and amazing story about giving freely and with joy. Thanks to The Las Vegas Optic for publishing this article. More than 700 people were served this year by Helen Rivera, her family, and volunteer servers/helpers. (Note: if you are not an optic subscriber, you may need to sign up for limited access to read the story.)

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