It's Christmas

The Lamp


It can’t be Christmas!
Ralphie hasn’t made an appearance,
with everyone running interference
keeping Ralphie from getting his perfect gift.
Still our hero refuses to shift.
With his dream do NOT trifle,
Ralphie wants the Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

My husband is no fan of movies,
but A Christmas Story he will view
once, twice, even more before the season is through.
“You’ll put your eye out!” he mouths the words,
and “It’s a major award!” this fringed lampshade atop a shapely leg, so absurd.
Mom on a stealth mission to bring it down,
leading Dad to fume, sputter curses and frown.

Ralphie’s bad language let fly
not his fault to be sure,
but soap in the mouth was a bad habit’s cure.
He got the coveted gift he so wanted
and proved his skill undaunted,
until a ricochet BB caused a bruise to his eye!
He had to tell his mother something. He told her a lie.

 Turkey gone south with the Bumpus dogs from next door,
convincing Dad and the family to try something new.
Duck at a Chinese Restaurant, looking at you?
Was the dinner expensive, or just right?
It brought laughter and the family’s delight.
In the end the close was nostalgic and sweet,
A Christmas Story, funny and charming that can’t be beat.

(Note: I confess we anxiously await the annual airing of A Christmas Story. It makes us laugh and reflect on a time when life didn’t seem quite so complicated. This poem is a loose summary of the movie. If by chance you have never seen A Christmas Story, when it airs, take some time to relax and watch the Parker family navigate the holiday. It will lift your spirits.)

Image from www.achristmasstoryhouse.com

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  1. An all time favorite! December’s “Vanity Fair”has a pages long
    article about it!

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