Art School Opens June 1

Awaiting Students

Open House and Registration Day
Saturday, May 20, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The creative minds behind Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy…

Painting, drawing, sculpting and making cut-paper collages occupies much of Meredith Britt’s creative energy. She has a bachelor’s in fine art from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and says she has learned a lot about art by just doing it. “It’s fulfilling, luxurious and necessary. I make art because it feels good and I don’t know what else to do.”

Laurie Duff Peterson (Duffy) majored in art and has worked with various mediums. “I always return to oil painting as my preferred creative outlet.” She continues her study of painting and, with Meredith and others, developed el Zocalo Art Gallery, a cooperative with more than 20 regional artists. Duffy teaches children and adults as time permits at her Broken Saints Studio.

Pasatiempo Fine Arts AcademyMeredith and Duffy have joined their love of all things artistic and created a concept designed to connect creative spirits who love what they do, with people who want to learn from them. Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy, 113 Bridge Street in Las Vegas, N.M., will kick off in June with a slate of classes that spans the spectrum from painting and drawing to designing and making costumes for kids. See the list of instructors and their classes listed in the Q&A and on the Pasatiempo website. Below are PFAA responses to questions about the school. For more information go to:

Facebook: www/
Phone: 505 398-4746 (Please leave a message)

Awaiting StudentsORP: In one sentence, tell readers about Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy.
It is an art school located at 113 Bridge St., in Las Vegas, N.M.

ORP: What inspired you to put this school together?
PFAA: Meredith and Duffy are devoted to the Fine Arts in any form. When the possibility of the space at 113 Bridge Street became available the two decided to contact the many artists in the community to see if they had interests in teaching their specialty.

ORP: Who are the instructors?
The response was incredible!  Teachers for June include:

  • Chris Lopez – Pastel Painting
  • Penny Spring – Costumes for Kids
  • Denise Fox – Image Transfer
  • Beth Urech – Public Speaking
  • Anna Aragon – Printmaking
  • Jan Buerskens – Finding Your Creativity
  • Sandy Poppers – Effective and Efficient iPad & iPhone Usage
  • Linda Anderle – Fabric Figures
  • Robert Romero – Embroidery
  • Sharon Vander Meer – Blogging for Fun and Novel writing (separate classes)
  • Kallie Wilborn – Poetry and Handmade Books
  • Meredith Britt – Collage, Drawing & Painting
  • Duffy Peterson – Painting, oil & acrylic, plein air

Several classes are open to children, such as Penny Spring’s Costumes for Kids and Duffy Peterson’s children’s classes in acrylics. She also teaches adults in acrylics, oils and plein air painting.

ORP: How does one become an instructor?
Contact the Academy at or our blog

ORP: How does one become a student?
Registration forms are by the door at 113 Bridge St. You may also contact Meredith or Duffy, or the teacher of the class that interests you. Brochures with registration forms are available at el Zocalo Gallery, 2Ten Gallery, Art Essentials and the Las Vegas Arts Council or from individual teachers.

ORP: What will the cost be?
The costs are reasonable and depend if it is a one-time workshop or a class with several meetings throughout the month.

ORP: Describe the logistics.
PFAA: Some classes are an hour, others are up to three hours; some are one-time only workshops and others meet up to four times per month. The students can expect to learn basic principles in the area of instruction and then proceed to their next level of expertise.

ORP: When do sessions begin?
The sessions begin June 1, 2017. New classes will begin in July with details to come.

ORP: What are the three most important things participating students should know about the program?

Pasatiempo offers the community a safe, nurturing environment.
Pasatiempo offers classes in the Fine Arts to children and adults.
Pasatiempo offers many mediums in which to express your creativity.

ORP: You have set it up as a summer program. What would it take to expand to year-around?
We eagerly anticipate the possibility of continuing classes throughout the coming year. We welcome young children through those of advanced age.


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  1. Thanks for updating information about my classes.

  2. Hi Sharon, I want to correct some information about the classes I am going to be teaching. It is designed to assist people in using their iPhones and iPads more effectively and efficiently. It is not particularly about art apps, though I have plenty and can help people out with them I am attaching the flyer that I sent to Meredith and Duffy about the class. Thanks, SAndy

    Sandra Poppers Imprinted Impressions 1041 8th Street Las Vegas, NM 87701 ASI 230683 505/454/0169 505/454-0802 Fax 505/563-0314 Mobile


  3. Thank you, Sharon! A lovely article-I only wish it showed
    our collective wacky sense of humor!

    • Everyone who knows and loves you guys is well aware that wacky and fun are part and parcel of who you are. 🙂

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