Harapat receives PEO PCE grant


Submitted by Joyce Litherland, Chapter AC, Las Vegas, NM…

P.E.O.Chapter AC of P.E.O. International recently awarded Makahla Harapat one of the organization’s Program for Continuing Education grants. The P.E.O. Sisterhood is a Philanthropic Educational Organization founded almost 150 years ago with chapters throughout the U.S and Canada, including two here in Las Vegas. Its primary philanthropy is promoting educational opportunities for women.

Makahla grew up in Las Vegas and is well remembered for her many dramatic roles with Missoula Children’s Theater and the Nat Gold Players. She has been working in the film industry since moving to Albuquerque. To qualify for a needs-based PCE grant, a woman must have had at least a 24-month break in education and be within 24 months of completing a degree or certification that improves their marketable skills for employment to support themselves and/or their families.

Makahla’s  education was interrupted by motherhood. Her child is now three years old, and she hopes to now be able to earn a BA degree in English and become certified in ESL/TESOL. She also feels there is a great demand and opportunity for teachers at the Junior College level and that there is a need for professional coaching in the corporate world. The sponsoring chapter felt her vision, personality, and maturity inspired them to believe she would be successful.

More than 102,000 women have benefited from P.E.O. International’s educational grants, loans, awards, special projects and stewardship of Cottey College. As of May 2017 P.E.O. has awarded Educational Loan Fund dollars totaling more than $185.9 million, International Peace Scholarships of more than $36 million, Program for Continuing Education grants more than $52.6 million, Scholar Awards more than $23 million, and their newest project, P.E.O. Star Scholarships, more than $6.6 million.  In addition, P.E.O. has owned and supported Cottey College, a baccalaureate-granting liberal arts and sciences institution  for women, since 1927. As a result P.E.O. is clearly making a difference all over the world.

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