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cropped-logooneroofpub.pngOne Roof Publishing Magazine will continue to provide local events and activities news in addition to features like Q&A articles about interesting people, book reviews, arts news and what journalists refer to as “soft news,” which is why ORP is a magazine and not a news site. I have no interest in covering city, county or schools meetings, or the local sports scene. That’s being done quite well by the local paper.

If you have a special community event or activity coming up (samples of past articles listed below with links) please send to fsharon@msn.com and in the subject line type ORP article. I will either do a Q&A on the topic, or publish the submission as a press release. The post will be shared with my network and followers. I do ask the submitter of the article to share the link with her or his network.

A few posts of local interest:


Historical photos book

E. Romero Fire Department

The Skillet

These are a few of many articles published in One Roof Publishing Magazine. Put fsharon@msn.com on your mailing list for sending out articles or event notices. It doesn’t cost you anything and it provides ORP with interesting copy.

As for my target audience, it is people who now live or who have ever lived in Las Vegas, N.M., or who enjoy a bit of diversion from the stressful barrage of “news” we get by the boatload in every from of media – social and other.

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I have in recent months monetized my site, so if you would like to see ORP survive and thrive, shop with my advertisers. If you would like to buy a static ad on my site, contact fsharon@msn.com and type ORP advertising quote in the subject line.


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