Review: Made Like Martha

Katie M. Reid

Made Like MarthaIs your worth tied up in your work? Do you believe productivity and performance will bring you happy-ever-after and the recognition and appreciation you deserve? Is that important to you? If so, Made Like Martha, Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done, by Katie M. Reid, is a book you might want to put on your reading list. Don’t have time? Take time. Ms. Reid – a recovering workaholic (or merely in remission, perhaps) – understands what it means to have family demands, work demands, outside interests demands, and the demands of life in general, put Martha-types in a vice called overachieving.

Reid’s book description reads, “An invitation for overachievers to discover what it means to rest as God’s daughters without compromising their God-given design as doers.”

Where did this all start? Remember Jesus’ seeming admonition of Martha when he came to visit and she got all stirred up because she was doing the work and her sister, Mary, was doing nothing! Mary sat and listened to what Jesus had to say, but for Martha, a woman who really, really wanted things to go well, that wasn’t what was needed. She needed a second pair of hands in the kitchen.

And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things, but one thing is needful, and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. Luke 10:41-42 KJV

Katie M. ReidThis sounds like Jesus is shaking his finger at his good friend Martha. Is it any wonder she was stirred up? Reid’s take on this interaction between Martha and Jesus is an encouraging departure from the obvious (and often mistaken) explanation of what Jesus meant. Reid makes the point that Jesus isn’t criticizing Martha, merely stating that Mary’s choice was to listen and learn. Martha’s choice was to make preparation, maybe to impress the guest in her home or simply because she believed a feast would make her guest happy. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is a gift to a guest to provide hospitality. But in Martha’s busyness, did the gift become a burden, not a joy?

Reid uses personal experience and words of wisdom from what she calls Modern Marthas to give insight into the ways doers, women especially, lose sight of what is important. Yes, it is a balancing act, and sometimes you fall off the balance beam. Nobody’s perfect, let alone a woman with a husband, five children, a full-time job, speaking engagements, a popular and active blog, and, and, and… well, you get the picture. Reid is a very busy woman. She is by nature a worker bee, and so am I, and so are many women for whom this book is written.

Reid is a tad hard on herself, but that’s part of the charm of the book. As women, we all tend to be hard on ourselves, finding reasons to over-analyze what we’re doing or what we’ve done, or what we should be doing, adding one more burden to the bag of responsibility we carry around. At what point in our efforts do we lose faith in anything but our own labors? We are taught to believe God is enough, so why do we work so hard to do it all, leaving little room for worship of or trust in God?

Reid’s book does make one think about how hard women work to prove themselves. For God, proof isn’t necessary. He already knows who we are and accepts us the way we are.

Made Like Martha, publication date July 10, 2018, is interactive. There are places where Reid asks the reader to pause and look up scripture, or write down a list of concerns or traits that help the reader have broader understanding. At the end of the book is a planned bible study designed for small groups.

Reid’s biography describes her as a “firstborn overachiever and a modern-day Martha.” She is a blogger at Her blog provides posts, articles, letters, and other resources for try-hard women. She has published articles on multiple mainstream and spiritual websites, and is a contributing writer for and Reid has been syndicated on She is married to a youth pastor and home schools her five children.

Title: Made Like Martha, Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done
Author: Katie M. Reid
Print Length: 240 pages
Publisher: WaterBrook
Publication Date: July 10, 2018
Sold by: Random House LLC
Language: English
Tags: Christian, Religion & Spirituality
Social #s: #MadeLikeMartha #NetGalley

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