Experts say, you are more likely to get where you’re going if you know what you want to achieve. I’m taking a course that asks participants to set three concrete goals for their website/blogs. It’s called branding and everyone in business knows exactly what that means, even when it seems an impossible target to hit. Not every business is a Coca Cola, Ford or Dolce and Gabbana. Nevertheless, after considerable thought, here are my three goals intended to help me create a brand:

  • Convert readers of ONE ROOF PUBLISHING into buyers of books and other products, like my episodic novel.
  • Increase followers/subscribers by 25 each month.
  • Post interesting and worthwhile content daily, focusing on my writing.

Goal one will give me an income stream; it’s as simple as that. I am a professional writer. My work has value. There are currently three products in my store: Blind Curve and Finding Family, both of which are also available from Amazon, and my new novel, Hunter’s Light, Pella’s Quest, available only from ONE ROOF PUBLISHING, one episode at a time. This exercise caused me to have an epiphany. I’m not an everything publisher; I am a writer of books, poetry and short stories who very much wants to sell them.

Goal two is a bit trickier. Once I’ve mined the field of family and friends, I’m not sure where to go for subscribers/followers. All I know to do, is ask my friends and family to tell their friends and extended family about ONE ROOF PUBLISHING. Share, comment, re-post and like, that’s where it starts. And I am learning techniques to help me build readership through other means, like inviting everyone I meet to subscribe/follow ONE ROOF PUBLISHING at http://www.oneroofpublish.com.

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else,” so said Pablo Picasso. That seems to be happening to me. I started this lesson on blog branding to better understand what I want to accomplish with my website. It didn’t take long to realize I was posting a lot of content unrelated to my goal: writing books, poetry and short stories, and then selling them. Everything in this site should be targeted toward that goal. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a sales pitch every day; you will be getting original stories and poetry, which I expect someday will appear in book form. In other words, ONE ROOF PUBLISHING will become a my “live” book development site, and you get to be part of the process. And, because I believe it’s important to support other writers, you will also see book reviews from time to time.

So goal three is probably the most important goal of all. When I looked at the tabs  in the ONE ROOF PUBLISHING header menu, it became clear a lot of stuff is posted covering a variety of topics. The articles are interesting and timely, yet what purpose do they serve in the context of Sharon Vander Meer, Writer? A very important question. The header menu in my author site needs a major overhaul. It will be downsized quite a bit! That, too, will be incentive for me to concentrate on posting regularly.

These are concrete goals. Can I achieve them? Time will tell. Spread the word. ONE ROOF PUBLISHING at www.oneroofpublish.com

Please Follow, Like, Comment and Share this post. Your feedback is important to me. Thanks for reading One Roof Publishing Magazine. The publisher may be reached by e-mail at fsharon@msn.com.

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