Seen at Walmart


Somewhere in the world


Short short shorts with butt cheeks hanging out,
a man, wearing a dress, and it didn’t even look good on him.
There, see the man with a goatee dressed in bra and panties?
Does one fear for his mental health or take issue
with his obvious lack of good taste.
Perhaps the plumpish woman dressed in a tutu
and little else, is speaking her mind in a passive aggressive
departure from creativity. Women wear pants;
why can’t men wear bras and panties and dresses?
Perhaps these nonconformists are lonely, seeking attention,
afraid of not being noticed or remembered at all.
Is the man wearing nothing but a g-string
anti-establishment? Or is he angry but clueless
about how to change the world and reshape culture?
Are these fashion faux pas an expression of individuality,
or simply weird or defiant or maybe bizarre?

This is a writing exercise in which you create a poem and short story about something unusual seen or heard during the course of a day using 20 words you came up with based on what you heard or saw. A friend said he’d come across this link where you could see photos of people shopping in Walmart stores. It was a test of my mettle to get through this assignment (haven’t written the short story yet). What do you think? The 20 words are: bizzare, expression, weird, mental, health, taste, mind, creative, speak, aggressive, passive, man, woman, attention, lonely, afraid, anti-establishment, angry, clueless and culture.


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