2 new shows at Mayeur Projects

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Mayeur Projects proudly presents JUGNET + CLAIRET “Cue Marks” and Eléonore CHENEAU “White Cline Corners”

Cue Marks
Jugnet + Clairet, CUE MARKS Series, SPITFIRE #4-1942, 2018 Snow white neon on a black background, 9 x 9 in

The show runs May 3 – June 15, with an opening reception, Friday, May 3, 5 – 7 pm. Mayeur Projects is located at 200-202 Plaza Park, Las Vegas, N.M. Open hours May 4 – 5, 11 am – 6 pm (special week-end), and on Saturdays, 11 am – 6 pm. Open other days by appointment. Contact Christian Mayeur and Anne Poux, founder and owner and associate director, christian.mayeur@mayeurprojects.com

Jugnet + Clairet
“Our work explores and develops that which escapes the ordinary attention of the surrounding world and comes back to an intimate art history.

All that is imposed by sudden emergence, strangeness, dazzlement.

Our point of view is peripheral, we are interested in the margins, the background, the depths.

Cue Marks or ‘cigarette burns’ are that artifact that signals to the projectionist that a film reel change is imminent; it enters furtively yet instantaneously and mostly at the top right of the frame.

The Cue Mark comes from film history, the machinery of cinema, the physical weight of the reel. It’s a legacy, a relic. Today, films are digitized and transmitted on a cable. The Cue Mark no longer has a presence, but still is present, escaping the notice of the everyday viewer. Two episodes of Columbo bring this mechanism vividly alive.

In 2012, we began working on a chrono-typology of Cue Marks.Today we use this repertory to create paintings, video installations and works in neon.”
Jugnet + Clairet live and work in Lamy, New Mexico.

Eléonore Cheneau
“It’s an overlay more than a monochrome. I have a range of gestures, which I stop at some point. I paint, I sand, I spray. What guides me, time, emotions, desire, moments, memories, I sometimes feel like being an archaeologist. I sand, it means being on the edge, remove without destroying.”

Eléonore Cheneau mainly paints, first on paper and for ten years on canvas. She is concerned with problems internal to painting, where matters are intertwined, and where order and disorder are put at work. How to work without vision or prior intention. Painting is made by accumulation of gestures, sedimentations, differentiated times, additions or even withdrawals. A series of gestures make up the paintings: paintings painted with each other, one by the other, overlays, sanding, paint projections through stencils, grids, etc.

The tables contain all these moments, they are hardened by time, stratified. Time establishes a remote, some covered gestures are forgotten, as far as sanding brings back the older layers.

The image is born from the gesture and state of matter, mechanically.
Eléonore Cheneau lives and works in Paris, France.

Used by permission: Mayeur Projects, 200-202 Plaza Park Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Run by French collectors and entrepreneurs Christian Mayeur & Anne Poux, Mayeur Projects is a contemporary art gallery and creative company, supporting emerging as well as established artists. The Mayeur Projects building is one of the more than 900 historic buildings in Las Vegas, and has a particularly rich history.


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