Sci Fi Book Signing May 4 at Paper Trail

TPHL - Cover web2In Thunder Prime, Hunter’s Light, Pella Soames allows nothing to stand in the way of her search for her mother. Taken from Earth by a known galactic slave trader, Trish Soames is presumed dead, but Pella doesn’t believe it. Not a downed transport, attempts to abduct her and well-meaning friends who want to stop her mad and dangerous search will stay her resolve. Fate, unexpected help and Pella’s wily sense of self-preservation keep her out of the hands of abductors… mostly.

When events conspire to bring her closer to reaching Chandor, a planet at the edge of the galaxy, Pella is faced with the difficult choice of protecting the children who have come into her care or using them as a means of reaching the holding of the hated Chandorian chieftain who took Pella’s childhood away.

Pella’s quest is further complicated by the realization her father had a hand in her mother’s abduction and seems to be party to attempts to kidnap her as well. How can she overcome the obstacles to finding the truth?

Thunder Prime Hunter’s Light is the fifth novel published by Vander Meer, and is the sequel to her first novel, The Ballad of Bawdy McClure, published in 2009

 Thunder Prime, Hunter’s Light may be purchased in Las Vegas, NM, from Paper Trail, 158 Bridge Street, through online retailers and directly from the author. For more information contact Vander Meer at She writes regularly at about a variety of topics.

Vander Meer’s other works include Blind Curve, Finding Family, Future Imperfect, and The Ballad of Bawdy McClure. She has also published two chap books of poetry and a book of daily inspirational readings.

Vander Meer will be a guest on the KFUN Las Vegas 1st Business Alliance radio show on May 1 with Nancy Colalillo, and will be featured at a book signing and reception at Paper Trail on Saturday, May 4 at 2 p.m.

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