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Nancy Colalillo is once again into the book-selling business and has kindly added my books in the regional section, along with books by other Las Vegas and area authors. I’m positioned right up there with two of my favorites: Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire series, and Anne Hillerman, author of authentic Native American novels. They are a good bit more successful and famous than me, but I like sharing the shelves with them anyway.

Of course, Paper Trail sells many other items – more about that on another day – but the books are new and definitely composed of paper… and writing, lots of writing.

My friend Patti Romero, also has her book Prairie Madness at Paper Trail. Stop in and browse for books and other goodies. See a review of the Patti’s book here.

My Titles at Paper Trail:
Thunder Prime Hunter’s Light, Sci Fi / futuristic
The Ballad of Bawdy McClure (No, it’s not a western, more of a futuristic adventure)
Blind Curve, Contemporary fiction
Finding Family, Contemporary fiction
25 Days of Christmas, an Advent Journey, Poetry counting the days up to Christmas
Lines, Poetry in Notion, yes, as you might expect – poetry

For more about these books, click on the Books link in the menu and select the book you want to know more about.

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