Artist Profile: Fran Ryan

A woman of few words, Fran Ryan is a talented artist whose work reflects a gentle nature and deep appreciation for the natural world. In her brief responses she speaks to what is closest to her heart: working at the thing she loves to do in a place that brings her joy. Fran Ryan

Q. What medium do you work in?
A. I work in acrylics and gouache, paint landscapes of Northern New Mexico often with animals or a story line. Also birds and music themes.

Q. Is this your first year as a P.A.L. participant and what appeals to you about being in this show?
A. I’m an original Pendaries Art League Show participant; I don’t think I’ve missed one even when not a resident for a few years. I am happy to be back iFran Ryan Painting.n my original home which I built in 1995.

Q. Other than this show, where can you work be purchased?
A. My work can be seen at el Zocalo in Las Vegas and Tome gallery in Tome, N.M. Also other shows such as New Mexico State Fair Fine Art and Las Vegas Art Council.


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