Artist Profile: Nancy Condrey

Nancy CondryQ. What art medium do you work in?
A. I work in acrylic and oil.

Q. Why that medium?
A. I started in acrylic and have now done several paintings in oils. They are softer for blending and truer colors.

Q. What inspires you?
A. The sunsets over Galveston Bay inspired me to pick up my brushes after almost 50 years! The clouds and the colors have me in constant awe of God’s creation.

Q. What is your preferred work environment?
A. I love to paint at our home in Galveston with a whole wall of light coming in off of the Bay.

Q. Who do you most admire and in what ways were you influenced by the individual?
A. As an art student at the University of Texas in the 1960s, I fell in love with the amazing sunsets of George Inness. His attention to detail and the golden glow of the sun as it set fascinated me.

Q. What do you most want visitors to the show to know about you as an artist?
A. I love creating things with my hands! Painting, sculpture, needlework, woodcarving, stained glass and photography are mediums that I have enjoyed working in over the years.

Q. Where can you work be purchased?
A. Sherwood’s Gallery in Houston, Texas.

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