Artist Profile: Doris Miller

Doris MillerQ. What art medium do you work in?
A. Over the years I have worked in a variety of media.  I started out as a ceramicist, did that for about 25 years.  After a bout with cancer, I decided to try some less toxic materials, (glazes can contain lots of chemicals that are toxic, and I did mostly raku firings, which involved fire and smoke).  I moved to fused and stained glass. The sparkle of glass got me interested in beads, so I began to string beads from many different sources, rocks, glass beads, shells, etc.  The necklaces lead to earrings, which led to working with wire because it is so light and women are always looking for earrings that are lightweight.

Q. Why that medium?
A. I guess I just like trying new things.

Q. What inspires you?
A. So many things have been a source of inspiration. Primitive cultures, exotic jewelry, art deco objects, the far and near east, even religion.

Doris Miller ArtQ. What is your preferred work environment?
A. My studio in San Antonio.  Everything I need is there.  It has great light and a beautiful view.

Q. Who do you most admire and in what ways were you influenced by the individual?
A. That would be my teachers, especially in ceramics. They were always so encouraging, and willing to share ideas. Two in particular were Dennis Smith at The Southwest School of Art, and Luis Guzman, a Chilean artist who also taught at the school.

Q. What do you most want visitors to the show to know about you as an artist?
A. I am not important; I hope they can know me through my work.

Q. Other than this show, where can you work be purchased?
A. I have pretty much retired from the gallery scene, although I do have a few pieces at the San Antonio Art League and Museum. I am lucky enough to still have clients who seek me out. I sell commissioned work from my studio.

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