Artist Profile:Carl and Lisa Bartley

Lisa and Carl Bartley

Carl and Lisa Bartley live on Gascon Ranch where they have their metal shop. Carl grew up on the ranch, the son of Jim and Editha Bartley, grandson of Dr. Carl H. Gellenthein from the Valmora Sanitarium. After 35 years of being in the banking world, Carl retired and came home to Gascon. Carl and Lisa are active fire fighters. Carl served as fire chief for Bonito fire department in Lincoln County and continues to work with the fire department in the Gascon area. Lisa is an engine boss, and for the past 19 years has served as an EMT. The Bartleys have blended their talents to make metal art, from simple brackets to detailed layered landscapes. Carl is in charge of design, layout and computer cutting, while Lisa does the metal grinding, welding, painting and marketing. “We are a team.” Lisa says. “Carl’s the brains, I’m the enthusiasm!”

Below, Lisa talks about their love for creating unique pieces.

Q. What art medium do you work in?
A. Metal

Bartly ArtQ. Why that medium?
A. Carl has worked with metal all his life as the ranch life requires many skills – from blacksmithing to fence braces and now to artistic metal art. Carl is self-taught on the plasma cutter. I have used pastels and acrylic paints to express my art in the past. Now, I design, grind details, weld (Carl taught me to weld and use all the tools in the shop), and paint the metal pieces.

Q. What inspires you?

Q. What is your preferred work environment?
A. Alone – with Pandora blasting our favorite tunes from AC/DC to Lindsey Sterling!

Q. Who do you most admire and in what ways were you influenced by the individual?
A. Karen Emerald Reeder. My art instructor and dear friend Karen taught me to express myself through pencil, pastels, acrylics and metal, to see beauty even in the smallest way.

Q.What do you most want visitors to the show to know about you as an artist?
A. That Carl and I are having a blast as a team creating beautiful art and that we are grateful for our God given talent. We treasure every individual that takes the time to admire our art.

Q. Where can you work be purchased?
A. The Log Cabin Restaurant in Ruidoso, at our gallery at the Gascon shop, and at the Pendaries RV Park coffee shop.


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