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Tom AndersonTom Anderson began wood turning in 2001, after retiring from a career in electronics. His products are generally Over Engineered, choosing to add his improvements to basic products. His Pepper Mills offer an integrated salt shaker and a saucer to catch pepper debris. His products have been sanded through 2000 grit, which gives the wood a natural high polish. An application of Mahoney’s ‘Heat Treated” Walnut Oil, followed by Mahoney’s Wax, complete the finish. “This food-safe finish is easily maintained with the Mahoney’s Wax that is supplied with each product,” Tom said. “No volatiles are used in any of these finishes.”

Pepper Mill TrioQ: What art medium do you work in?
Tom: Woodturning.

Q: Why that medium?
Tom: It gives me a chance to embellish nature’s beauty

Q: What inspires you?
Tom: Exotic woods.

Q: What is your preferred work environment?
Tom: My workshop

Q: Whom do you most admire and in what ways are you influenced by this individual?
Tom: Mike Mahoney, professional wood turner and his exotic creations.

Q: What do you most want visitors to the show to know about you as an artist?
Tom: I like to produce utilitarian objects that are pieces of art when not it use.

Q: Where can you work be purchased?
Tom: El Zocalo Gallery, Las Vegas, NM. and through my website.

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