Once upon a time

computer frustration.jpg…there was a woman who opened a store on her website, thinking she had a handle on how to make it all work. Uh, duh… she was in for a rude awakening when all the things she thought she had done correctly, ended up creating bizarre conflicts in the system. She is pretty sure these conflicts are not because of the publishing platform but because her forte is not web design and set up; it is writing.

Her poor heart races with anticipation of getting paid for the items she has in her store! Yea! Only to learn there is a glitch in the set up. Customers can pay; she just can’t collect.

This is a cautionary tale, my friends. If you want to get paid through your website, follow all the steps. “She” being “me” is – with the help of WordPress – trying to straighten this all out. If you bought a subscription to Future Imperfect or anything else from my site, but don’t see where it ever hit your credit card or bank account, no sweat. You will receive the episodes or books you ordered.

I am a local business. Yes, professional writers are businesses. I encourage you to buy locally this holiday season. Your dollars count, not just today, but all through the year. Check out local shops before you go online or out of town. My books are available at Paper Trail. I am privileged to say that as Nancy has so many amazing and beautiful items in her store. So do all the other shops in the Bridge Street / Plaza shopping district. But don’t forget Douglas and Railroad and anywhere an independent business has established itself. Shop local.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT NOV. 30. ORDER NOW Las Vegas, NM orders will be delivered. Please include email or contact information when ordering to assure speedy delivery.

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