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NetflixI did something I swore I would never do. I’ve signed up for Netflix. I know. My dirty little secret, a secret no more.

Why did I put it off for so long?


We’re already paying for cable (too much); why on earth pay extra to get mostly old content? I mean really, how silly is that? Besides, my husband is not a fan of movies or TV series.

Anyway, with dozens of channels, I was finding less and less that was fit to watch on cable. You can only sit through so many versions of Pickers or ID True Crime, or reruns of Raymond and Big Bang. Big Footdocumentaries’? Not no, but hell no! The weirdness of superhero shows and zombies turns me off. I could go on, but you have your list and I have mine.

When it comes to the big three – ABC, CBS and NBC – don’t get me started.

The second reason I avoided Netflix and its’ like, is – I know me. I fixate and am therefore prone to binge watching. Not good. Not good at all. So far (with my free 30-day subscription) I’ve binged Lost in Space, Longmire, and Sherlock.

I rather enjoyed the Lost in Space 2018 version, which bears NO resemblance to the campy 1965 version. Yes, I watched it back the day. I watched all 20 episodes of the new series and was a bit disappointed with the ending. Will there be more? Are there more and I missed them? Does anyone care?

Longmire. Need I say more? I had been following the series, originally on A&E, and when it went to Netflix I was royally ticked! I refused the temptation to subscribe to the streaming service (then $9 +/-, I believe) just to watch a TV show! And then time passed and, what the heck, why not? The premium service is now $15.99 – free for 30 days).

Let it be said, I am a fan of the Longmire novels by Craig Johnson. I have all the books up to An Obvious Fact, many of them signed by the author when he made a visit to Las Vegas years ago. I am a reader and the experience of connecting imagination with the written word is magical to me.

So, the TV version. I liked it for different reasons, mostly because it tickles me to watch the scenes filmed in Las Vegas (NM for those who might not know there is a Las Vegas, New Mexico), and there were lots and lots of them. I also liked the actors Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips, cast as Longmire and Standing Bear. Never been a fan of Katie Sackoff, so less impressed with her. Cady Longmire was well-played by Cassidy Freeman. What I missed in the TV series was Dog, the mysticism of Native American practices, and a degree of gritty stoicism on the part of Walt. It’s there, but not as strongly as in the books. Anyway. Binge watched the last three seasons; had already watched the first three on A&E.

Sherlock wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, although I am a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. I think it ran for three seasons and I watched all the shows. I’m a long-time Holmesian (if there is such a word), and find his methods and quirky yet precise madness entertaining. The friendship and interaction between Holmes and Watson reveals a complicated but rock-solid relationship. The series captured that rather well in this modern-day version filmed against the backdrop of 21st Century London.

I’m forcing myself to curb my binging so I get real work done, but sometimes the most relaxing thing for me is to read or to watch a show from beginning to end in one sitting. Netflix does produce original content, but I haven’t gotten hooked on anything yet, although I’m tipping my toe into Virgin River. I’ve read Robyn Carr’s novels and confess, so far, I like the Netflix version as much, if not better, than the books.

So, there you have it, my nuttiness in a nutshell. I’ve given in to the lure of streaming and am enjoying the heck out of it!

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4 Comments on “Binging on streaming

  1. Great fun! I finally learned how to access these streaming/binging channels. I’m a huge fan of Brit mysteries and subtitles! Caught up with all of Endeavor, George Gently, AND working on Vera: they switched her to BritBox, so i get the DVDs from Netflix. Life holds so many new & fun surprises!

  2. Don’t have any form of TV. Looking for someone who can connect my smart TV unit to my wifi so I can join you watching an occasional movie or series. Haven’t done so yet for same reasons as you, cost and a spouse who isn’t a TV or movie watcher, except for soccer. And until recently, too little time to sit down to watch anything through. A book I can read a few pages and come back to for little gaps of spare time.
    Thanks for letting me know where to come to borrow the most recent Craig Johnson tomes that i have not yet acquired!

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