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Making Music: The Impalas Reunited

Impalas Reunited

There is nothing like live music. It tunes you in and turns you on. If variety is the spice of life, then music is the marinade that makes it all come together. The Impalas of today have added to their special sauce over the… Continue Reading “Making Music: The Impalas Reunited”

ActYourAge! Beth Urech

Beth the columnist

Beth Urech is serious about her comedy and serious about her work, but you would not get that impression upon meeting her. A vivacious and engaging woman of “a certain age” who doesn’t pay much attention to the stereotype of how an older woman… Continue Reading “ActYourAge! Beth Urech”

Generations: With Art There is No Divide

Abstract by Eloise Lindeborg

Generations: The Art of Eloise Lindeborg and Chris Casey, A lifelong artist and the grandson she never knew, on the 100th anniversary of her birth That’s the title and subtext of the proposal Richard Lindeborg presented to the Las Vegas Arts Council in the… Continue Reading “Generations: With Art There is No Divide”

Artistic Adventure

Wine and Paint

Note: I don’t have names of the people in these photos, but they were having as much fun as we were at the “Wine and Paint” event held on Saturday at the El Fidel Restaurant. Lots of interpretations and lots of laughs. More years… Continue Reading “Artistic Adventure”

Messiah – 17th Poem of Christmas

Make way for the Lord, He has come Exult Him, God with us, for everyone. Sacred and Holy, yet present each day. Soul-filling and faithful, to Him we pray. Inspiring, blessing, peace giving and pure, Abiding in love, of Him we are sure, His… Continue Reading “Messiah – 17th Poem of Christmas”

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