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Hospitality, charm, history, architecture, out door recreation – it’s all here, in Las Vegas – the Meadow City.

Sculpture inspires song

Sculptor Duke Sundt has created several monumental military sculptures. The Hands That Held the Child, holds special meaning for him.

My town

My town is people
who care about each other
and the future,
integrity and hospitality,
creative energy.

Las Vegas, New Mexico Acrostic Poem

Las Vegas, New Mexico Lilacs in spring make your heart sing. Art in the park? Oh what a lark! Silvery river, lovely life giver. Vegas town is New Mexico’s crown. Enchantingly pretty, this little city Gracious and kind, a place to unwind. Architectural treasures,… Continue Reading “Las Vegas, New Mexico Acrostic Poem”

The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured

Sunrise Las Vegas, NM The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured, looks like a fabulous group to be a part of. I happened on the site by accident and found some amazing photos – new and old – of my favorite town, and… Continue Reading “The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured”

More than NM True: The Real Las Vegas, 5 Cool Things

I love New Mexico, from its mountains in the north to its deserts in the south. I love the mix of cultures and variety of recreational and cultural activities. My favorite place is Las Vegas, in the rural county of San Miguel. Things are… Continue Reading “More than NM True: The Real Las Vegas, 5 Cool Things”

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