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Fade to fall

Morning glory leaves fade from green to gold, blossoms little more than a drooping husk, something old, yet not gone for good; seeds drop, spring will unfold and bring back watercolor splendor in stories yet to be told. Follow Sharon at: Amazon…

Sculpture inspires song

Duke Sundt

Sculptor Duke Sundt has created several monumental military sculptures. The Hands That Held the Child, holds special meaning for him.


  Trouble comes. Faith builds. The Foundation is solid; it is called the Foundation for a reason. The mortar that holds it together cannot be broken. Trouble is just another name for courage. Trials come and go; the Foundation remains. We are better after…

My town

My town is people
who care about each other
and the future,
integrity and hospitality,
creative energy.

One day at a time

Not there yet in your journey?
Fallen off your horse a time or two along the way? That’s the past. Today and tomorrow are waiting for you.
Show up. Listen.

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