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And the word is…?

Alan M. Guy is a retired dentist and indie author. “Jake: A Murder in Brooklyn” begins when the protagonist is awakened at 3:33 a.m. from a dream. Detective Stanislaus Jakubowski (Jake) begins a quest to find the vicious murderer of his now retired, former… Continue Reading “And the word is…?”

Tools of the trade

How many times have you wished for just the right image or message to convey your thoughts and feelings? What about combining them? Do you wonder where people come up with all that stuff you see on the internet? It’s mind blowing when you… Continue Reading “Tools of the trade”

5 Benefits of Grammarly

I hate editing my copy. It’s the trickiest part of writing. There are so many ways to go wrong when you are producing words by the hundreds. For all the value word processing programs have brought to writers, their biggest flaw is literal non-contextual… Continue Reading “5 Benefits of Grammarly”

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