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Family Fun

Happy EasterWhat: 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt – A Family Event
Sponsor: Mora/San Miguel Farm and Livestock Bureau
Where: San Migule/Mora Fair Ground, Hot Springs Blvd., Las Vegas
When: 1 p.m., Saturday April 4

There will be a separate Easter Egg Hunt for each of the following age groups: 2-6 and 7-11. This year 6000 eggs will be hidden with lots of “Golden Eggs” containing gift certificates from business sponsors and individuals. For More Information call Tommy Ortiz, president, at 505-617-6915 or the Farm Bureau office at 505-425-5404

UWC-USA Dance and Visual Art Departments Present an Evening of Art & Dance on April 4Dance

UWC USA’s fine arts departments will present a combined celebration of visual art and dance on Saturday, April 4 at 7 p.m. in the Kluge Auditorium on the UWC-USA campus. The event is free and open to the public.

The Visual Art Department will sponsor the Final Show, a collection of works presented by the second-year International Baccalaureate visual arts candidates.

Following the art show at 8 p.m., the dance department will present “Choreography Carousel,” the fourth annual performance of the UWC Dance Ensemble. The program features final submissions by International Baccalaureate dance students, as well as featured pieces “Beautiful Boy” by Andrea Skowronek, artistic director of City in Motion Dance Theater of Kansas City, and the premiere of “You Might Do Much” by Randy Barron, artistic director emeritus of City in Motion. Selections from “Dances for My Father: Five Not-So-Easy- Pieces” and other works by IB Dance program director Kathleen Kingsley round out the presentation.


UWC-USA is located in Montezuma, six miles from Las Vegas, NM. The school is one of 15 United World Colleges located on five continents. The UWC movement is dedicated to making education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Founded in 1982, UWC-USA offers a unique program of academic and experiential education for 200 students from over 80 countries. To learn more, visit

Try Your Hand at Painting

What: Paint Out With a Purpose
Who: Running Horses Studio
Where: Plaza Antiques – Upstairs
When: 6:30 pm to…, Friday, April 10
Contact: for more information


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Beautiful Outlaw

Book Review

Was Jesus Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant? Read On

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was like? Not the Jesus nailed to the cross, but the living, breathing, human Jesus, the man who spent 33 years living as we live. In his book “Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus,” author John Eldredge takes what some might consider a radical and unreligious approach to exploring the personality of Jesus.

I suspect he’s okay with that kind of criticism. It’s sort of the point of the book. Religion as we know it is nothing like the world in Jesus’ day. “Church” wasn’t practiced in the ways it is in the modern world. Too often we see the “don’ts” of religion, and not the hope central to the teachings of Christ. Being in the temple (church) and being part of the body of Christ aren’t in the same ballpark.

Eldredge points out that In his day Jesus was more likely to upset the religious establishment than he was to agree with its leaders. Most of Jesus’ miracles, Eldredge says, were done outside the normal worship experience. Beautiful OutlawAnd Jesus shied away from no one.

Beautiful outlaw is a good description for a man who often hung out with all the wrong people, at least as defined by the religious leaders. “Beautiful Outlaw” made me smile, laugh outright, and often caused me to nod my head in agreement. Eldredge shows Jesus exactly as he was in this life, fully human in his interactions with others. He points out that despite all the religious art that portrays Jesus as a martyred saint complete with halo, Jesus was a man with an intense interest in people. He didn’t back down from confrontation. Other than driving the money changers out of his Father’s house, he showed no tendency toward violence, nor did he seek recognition or power.

Jesus never forgot his purpose. He was not condescending, proud, vain, or loud. He asked as many questions as he answered. His ministry had little to do with what has come to be known as organized religion. Eldredge leads his readers to see Jesus in the way you would see your very best friend. Someone you can talk to; someone who will listen.

John Eldredge is an author, counselor, and teacher. As president of Ransomed Heart Ministries, he is devoted to helping people widen their understanding of God. He has written a number of books on spirituality and living in relationship with God. John lives in Colorado Spring with his wife and three sons. Click here to read an excerpt from “Beautiful Outlaw.”

If you love to read books that bring insight and new ways of thinking about Jesus, religion, and spirituality, I recommend this book.

“Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus,” is available in e-book, paperback, hard cover and audio versions. Published October 2011 by FaithWords, book prices range from $9.99 (e-book) to $17.47 (Hard Cover).


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Rejoice and Be Glad

SunriseThis is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24 (NIV)

Glory hallelujah! We have every reason to rejoice and be joyful. When we enter each new day with an attitude of optimism life is sweeter. In Anne Lamott’s book, “Help, Thanks, Wow, The Three Essential Prayers,” she encourages the simple approach to prayer. It doesn’t take a deluge of words to get your message across to the one and only present and loving God. Ask for help when you need it, give thanks all the time and don’t forget to acknowledge the “wow” moments with awe and praise.

Sunrise is a wow moment. Rejoicing in the gift of life is a wow moment. The birth of a child, the touch of a mother, the strength of a father, these are all wow! moments. Life is full of wow moments. The heart-stopping, heartbreaking moments come as well, but not in the abundant way the wow moments come. When they do come, we can still rejoice in the Lord for he is standing with us. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4. NIV

Rejoice. What an awesome word. It means to be happy and to make someone else happy. You can’t beat that as a way of life.

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Spring blooms glorious birth,

Summer sun warms the earth,

Autumn flames riotous bright,

Winter freezes into cozy quiet.

Laughter weaves through it all,

Answering to nature’s call.


Mauve weaves through

Gold and pink,

Slashes of purple

Wink and blink

Night tugs toward day.

Get up! Get up!

Bright colors sing

Receive this, Heaven’s gift

Let your soul take wing

Time passes oh so swift.

Night tugs toward day.


The day arrives

Am I ready? NOT.

Good to go,

Oh what rot!

More to do

Than I can take

Less time to do it

I’m barely awake!


Incandescent red

Shot through with light

Yellow orange bright

Flaming across the dark of dawn

First light pierced with errant ray

Melding hues, surge into day.

Morning is here.

Back in the box

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Matthew 6:19-20 NIV

In his book, “When the Game is Over, it All Goes Back in the Box,” John Ortberg uses game playing as a When the Game is Overmetaphor for what we value in life. Too often, we play the game and forget that in the end, everything goes back in the box.

What are you out to win? What value do you put on winning? What do you crave that is here today and gone tomorrow? What are the treasures you lay up in heaven?

In this six-session spiritual study on “living life in the light of eternity,” the section on, “No One Else Can Take Your Turn,” gave me a moment of clarity I must revisit from time to time. With the very best of intentions, I seek outcomes for others based on what I want, not want they want or even what they need.

Instead of trying to fix what (or who) I think is broken, my job and joy is to live my best life now. Instead of wishing I was as educated, talented, or well-respected as my friend, or brother, or cousin, I must make the most of God’s generous gifts to me. Every second counts, not because it could be my last, but because God’s love for me and his plan for me, are gifts I can open anew every day. No one can take my turn in life, nor can I take someone else’s.

I am reminded of a story I heard about a young man – we’ll call him Ed – who paid a proxy to attend college in his name. The proxy did all the studying, took all the tests, and did the “walk” to receive a diploma in Ed’s name. Ed thought he was clever to have someone do all the work. Ed was even able to get a job interview with a prestigious company based on his proxy’s performance and grades. The problem came when Ed had to speak for himself and prove his worth. In the end, his diploma had no value. He hadn’t lived the life of a student nor had he learned what he needed to know. He put his value on that piece of paper, not in an educational experience designed to sustain him.

I don’t get, nor do I want, a proxy to “do” life for me. I am well equipped by the Master Planner to live my best life now. Sometimes I forget that and try to worry my way to resolving the problems of loved ones or friends. When I’m doing that, guess whose life I’m missing out on?


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