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Q&A With Rebecca Lee: Object Lessons

Rebecca Lee

Writer Rebecca Lee lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has published with The Noctua Review, Cleaver Magazine, Existere Journal, The Rusty Nail.  Her blog is at http://www.AWordOfSubstance.com Q. Tell readers about yourself and your writing goals. A. Writing is my #1 passion in life. I’ve… Continue Reading “Q&A With Rebecca Lee: Object Lessons”

Write to Excite Engagement

Do your readers read you? My platform challenge for today is to write a post that includes a call to action. I try to do that in every post, with the exception of my poetry. I don’t always get a call to action in,… Continue Reading “Write to Excite Engagement”

Writer’s Block

I don’t have it, writer’s block I mean, but my writing sort of wanders all over the place. One Roof Publishing is where I write about everything, and most would tell you to NOT do that. Focus. Write. Get it right. Do it regularly.… Continue Reading “Writer’s Block”

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