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Q&A With Rebecca Lee: Object Lessons

Rebecca Lee

Writer Rebecca Lee lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has published with The Noctua Review, Cleaver Magazine, Existere Journal, The Rusty Nail.  Her blog is at www.AWordOfSubstance.com Q. Tell readers about yourself and your writing goals. A. Writing is my #1 passion in life. I’ve…

Write to Excite Engagement

Do your readers read you? My platform challenge for today is to write a post that includes a call to action. I try to do that in every post, with the exception of my poetry. I don’t always get a call to action in,…

Writer’s Block

I don’t have it, writer’s block I mean, but my writing sort of wanders all over the place. One Roof Publishing is where I write about everything, and most would tell you to NOT do that. Focus. Write. Get it right. Do it regularly….

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