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Christmas – 5th Poem of Christmas

  Christ the King, of Him we sing, Hark! He comes, let music ring! Reverberate this glorious sound, Inspiring all, let joy abound. Sing the melody of love Trust and faith from God above. Merry all who sing His grace, Angel heralds bless this… Continue Reading “Christmas – 5th Poem of Christmas”

Carols – 3rd Poem of Christmas


Call out! Shout for joy! Advent tells of a baby boy, Reigning not as a regal king. One babe in the manger, that’s the thing. Live, love, laugh, dance, sing and shout, Sharing His love, that’s what Christmas is about. _____________________ These ceramic Victorian… Continue Reading “Carols – 3rd Poem of Christmas”

Noel, Noel – 2nd Poem of Christmas

Silent Night

  Newness of hope, Open your eyes, Evidence kindness, Love makes you wise. Nurture through song, One story to tell, Each note of joy, Lingers and rings like a bell.

25 Poems of Christmas

25 Poems of Christmas

I have set a challenge for myself. In the next 25 days I will be posting a poem a day based on anchor words and phrases associated with Christmas. From these words I will create acrostic poems, some super short, some a little longer.… Continue Reading “25 Poems of Christmas”

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