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Made with love

Lanie's Quilt

I made my first quilt. Not that I haven’t made quilts, I have, but always the tie kind. I’ve never actually made an honest to goodness quilted quilt. I’m proud of the finished product, not so much because of the perfection of the end… Continue Reading “Made with love”


It's Christmas

  It can’t be Christmas! Ralphie hasn’t made an appearance, with everyone running interference keeping Ralphie from getting his perfect gift. Still our hero refuses to shift. With his dream do NOT trifle, Ralphie wants the Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model… Continue Reading “RALPHIE!”

For the most special of occasions…

My challenge for December is to post – among other posts – links to uplifting stories and videos, be it music or news that makes us smile for a while. Enjoy, comment, like and share. If you have a personal, or local story to… Continue Reading “For the most special of occasions…”

Too Much Turkey


My first memory of Thanksgiving was the year I ate turkey three times, once at my aunt’s, (which was okay, she wasn’t much of a cook so I didn’t overeat), once at my grandmother’s, (which was unfortunate because she was a fantastic cook and… Continue Reading “Too Much Turkey”

Lines, Poetry in Notion

Lines, Poetry in Notion ($7.50 plus tax and shipping) Think of how you feel about getting up in the morning to splashes of glorious color in the sky, or how you feel about your faith, your partner sleeping beside you, or the quirks of… Continue Reading “Lines, Poetry in Notion”

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