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Shadow Dance With Tulips

Shadow fingers stretch to touch velvet cups on slender stalk– Dance! whispers nature ere sun makes each shadow walk.

Random Poetry

I am participating in the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides April Poem a Day challenge. I’ve done it before and enjoyed it tremendously. This is the first year I started on the first day and written (for the most part) every day. The days I…


SEASONS Spring blooms glorious birth, Summer sun warms the earth, Autumn flames riotous bright, Winter freezes into cozy quiet. Laughter weaves through it all, Answering to nature’s call. MORNING Mauve weaves through Gold and pink, Slashes of purple Wink and blink Night tugs toward…

I never knew you

GRANDFATHER PERALTA I never knew you, Grandpa. Your life ended long before my mother met my father, yet because of Mom’s memories of life with you, you are as real as anyone I have ever known. I see you herding sheep in the high…

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