Thunder Prime Hunter’s Light

TPHL - Cover web2Sci-fi action and futuristic politics combine in this story of a young woman who is on a quest to find her absent mother, taken off planet by a Chandorian known as a ruthless trader in slaves. Pella Soames will allow nothing to stand in the way of her search, not a downed transport, attempts to abduct her and well-meaning friends who want to stop her mad and dangerous search for a woman who may not even be alive.

And somebody is trying to take her against her will. Who and why? Fate, unexpected help and Pella’s wily sense of self-preservation keep her out of the hands of abductors… mostly.  How does the would-be prophet of New Way fit in, or does he?

When events conspire to bring her closer to her goal of reaching Chandor, Pella is faced with the difficult choice of protecting the children who have come into her care or using them as a means of reaching her goal, the holding of Brutus Tauk, the hated Chandorian chieftain who took Pella’s childhood away.

Pella’s quest is further complicated by the realization her father had a hand in her mother’s abduction and seems to be party to attempts to kidnap her. How can she overcome the obstacles to finding the truth about her mother? Through fearless determination and the help of an unknown benefactor.

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