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Mr. Ortega’s Horse

Horse on a foggy day

  Magnificent in carriage, royalty on four flashing hooves. One with earth and sky, restless, going from grazing to galloping, just like that! Eager for attention, yet shy. Gliding across the field, allied with the natural world. Sailing with ease over golden grasses, haughty… Continue Reading “Mr. Ortega’s Horse”


Artfully Elegant

    THE LEAF The vine drops its leaf, its pattern a reminder, Nature on display.  Beauty so sublime, lacy traces of waning autumn seeking sleep. Leaf in a garden, dropped on a canvas of soil, artfully graceful. __________ Photo: Sharon Vander Meer

Autumn’s Favor

Come autumn, Mom couldn’t pass upa roadside farm stand.She had to stop, shop, buy.The bright array of produce– juicy apples– plump pumpkins– piquant chile peppers– green and yellow squashand more,much better than any store. Vibrant color,mixed aromas of melons,dirt from the field,sawn wood of… Continue Reading “Autumn’s Favor”

Fabulous Fall!

Fall is absolutely, positively my favorite time of year. I love the brisk chill of a windy day, the tumble of leaves from the trees, colors so stunning they bring tears to my eyes, and the amazing aromas of green chile roasting and cornbread baking… Continue Reading “Fabulous Fall!”

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