I Believe in Miracles

Getting BetterOur great granddaughter was frighteningly ill, and now she is on the road to recovery. I believe with all my heart that God is watching over her. The doctors now believe she was in early stage SIDS (Silent Infant Death Syndrome). Thankfully her dad responded quickly, the ambulance service arrived in a timely way, and doctors immediately hooked her up to all the life saving devices her little body needed. This was taken this afternoon. She’s a little tired of the poking and prodding by the doctors and nurses, and just wants to go home.

Most important, she is on the mend and responding well to treatment. I can only say, “Thank you Lord, and thank you to every single person who prayed for her, the medical team, and our family.”

Hug your kiddo today.

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2 thoughts on “I Believe in Miracles

  1. So happy to hear good news. Will continue with good thoughts for complete recovery. Didn’t know it was possible from SIDS.


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