Deer Me

The Connection
Well, hello there

There you are, sleek and beautiful
a creature amazing and graceful,
stippled brown and buff,
your tail a fluffy white flag.

Long of leg, powerful and swift,
your gaze penetrating, full of light.
Wary and wise, watching for danger
survival instinct evident in your awareness.

Your eyes find me behind a plate of glass.
No scent to tell you I am there
but you know, and look up.
I am breathless!

I think for a moment
my heart beats in cadence with yours,
creation in tune for a span of time,
until you cut our connection and bound away,

Leaping, it seems, straight up
as you fly over the fence
followed by your family,
seeking solitude and peace.

Three's a Charm
Are you looking at me, girl?
Away We Go
And away we go!

(c) Photos and poem: Sharon Vander Meer

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