The Authority

Christmas Cactus


Trust in the Lord.
Faith is as simple
– and complex –
as that.
My life’s work
is best accomplished
when I tell of God’s place of prominence
in my life.
My trust in the Lord is singularly individual;
it is between God, and me.
In the dark of night
or the light of day,
He is the secret ingredient in my life,
But He isn’t a secret at all.
He is the authority,
granted to Christ,
indwelling in the Spirit,
omnipotent and Holy.
And yet –
Christ died on the Cross –
broken in body, deeply in pain.
But he knew,
authority is only as effective as the wielder.
Christ could have – but did not – save himself.
In Christ we have hope.
This side of Heaven we live in trust–
trust in the mighty and compassionate God of all
whose authority is an anchor in every storm,
even when madmen kill, and call it just.
Christ died. Christ was buried.
Christ triumphed and lives anew.

This Christmas Cactus on our patio blooms twice a year, Christmas and Easter. This image seems appropriate with this poem, written today with a hopeful heart for better tomorrows and in solidarity with all who mourn the deaths and injuries of innocents at the hands of hate. Prayers lifted for the people of Belgium.

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