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Lanie's QuiltI made my first quilt. Not that I haven’t made quilts, I have, but always the tie kind. I’ve never actually made an honest to goodness quilted quilt. I’m proud of the finished product, not so much because of the perfection of the end result (it is FAR from perfect), but because I didn’t give up when I made one mistake after another. In fact, within a week of finishing it, I all but threw up my hands and said, “I’m done!”

My final setback (after countless other setbacks that will go unnamed), came when I realized I’d attached the binding in such a way that I couldn’t finish off the corners in a neat and tidy fashion. When it didn’t seem to be working the way I thought it should, I made a major mistake and trimmed one corner thinking that would solve the problem. Uh… no! I’d   made it WORSE. Imagine my surprise when I found, after checking out instructions on the Internet and two days of pulling my hair, I’d done it right all along. My mistake was how I attached the binding. I should have sewn it to the back and pulled the binding to the front. I was frustrated and began to think it was so incredibly WRONG! The temptation to give up was intense, in fact I told my husband I was going to go out and buy a baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born great niece.

Ah, right, the reason I took on this project was to make something with my own hands and heart that would reflect my love for this precious child. I couldn’t give up. No matter what, I wanted to finish it and I’m proud to say I did, and in time for the baby’s shower on Saturday.

I will go out and buy some things for my great-niece, but I hope she will grow up knowing this handmade quilt was made with love interwoven with prayers for her to be healthy, happy and passionate about life. The quirky secrets hidden within the mistakes are my prayers for her to find plenty to laugh about, even when things don’t go her way. She is coming into a family who will cherish her, and give loving support to her mom and dad.

I can’t wait to see her.

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  1. if you are saying that your’s messed up, then what would I say about my first handmade soft toy. Your handmade quilt is far better than mine handmade projects…<3


  2. I know how you feel about wanting it to be something hand made. I knitted a baby afghan for my new baby grandniece. It turned out to be the perfect thing to swaddle her in and the only thing that would settle her down. I know it was because of all the love I knitted in.
    BTW, I recommend that you stop in and see Ann at Thread Bear. She is a wonderful teacher and a great supporter of quilters.

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  3. I absolutely love this quilt. We cherish the handmade items you’ve done for use through the years. We treat that green crocheted blanket(the one you gave us for our wedding) like a member of the family. This stuff is irreplaceable to us. We know the effort and love that has gone into it. We love you and baby girl will love it too.

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