Change is good, isn’t it?

Icon mailOkay, I’m updating my website with a new theme… an EASY to upload and format theme. Don’t. You. Believe. It.

I know once I get there – there being a finished and fine tuned website – I’ll feel sooooo good about it, but right now my poor husband dare not ask me a question or I’ll snap like a hungry horse at the rag end of the trough.

So my goal is to have a site that looks more like a magazine and less like a blog. I’ve been working toward that goal for some time, but now I’m getting close… and yet at the moment so far, far away. I don’t follow written instructions very well.

Did they mean this, or did they mean that?

I’m in the noodle it around until I figure it out camp, which means quite a lot of redoing.

So, if you happen on this site and it looks like something going through birth pains, you would be quite right. It is a work in progress, as am I.


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