Love works

Let all you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Love WorksSometimes, okay when something happens that upsets me – ticks me off royally – and I think, “This is the last straw, this is the last time I’m helping that ungrateful person! Enough is enough is enough!” A little over the top? Yes, but I get that way sometimes, times when my last button has been pushed and my last nerve has been twitched. And then I think, “Has my help in the past been grudging and perhaps a little – dare I say it – superior? Have I thought self-righteously, ‘There but for the grace of God go I,’ not remembering God’s grace is free to all?” When you or I have escaped – or dealt steadfastly – with poverty, sickness, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the destruction of child through substance abuse, or the loss of a husband or wife to someone else, or any other conflict, tragedy or misfortune, it is more than the grace of God, it is life. God is with us in everything that happens. Everything. The good and the bad. We don’t get to choose life’s path; we do get to choose how we react. When we punish those we help by making them feel guilty they are in need, that is no help at all. When we do it with love and an open heart, the gift – whatever it may be – is received in the spirit in which it is given. Let all you do, be done with love. It will come back to you a thousand-fold.

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3 thoughts on “Love works

  1. What I still have a hard time with is situations in which I give open-heartedly, with love and no expectation, but receive back scorn, disrespect or outright lies, denying that I ever did anything at all. No issue with non-acknowledgement of my effort; serious objection to active hostility received in response.

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    1. It saddens me to know unkindness could be directed at someone as lovely, gracious and giving as you are. You are stronger than whatever anyone can do or say to you, because of your wisdom and character.


      1. Thank you kindly. As I wrote elsewhere, being strong used to feel like a curse, because people use that as an excuse to not offer support. I deeplyo appreciate that y


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