The best dad

Father's Day
My dad was wonderful. There were times growing up when I didn’t think so. He embarrassed me more than once, and his groaner jokes were the worst, but he loved our mother and he loved us. He would do anything for us, and when times were tough, he did. When we were little, he worked in the oil fields all week and in the cotton fields on the weekend. Yes, in Hobbs, NM, there were both.

Dad was deeply spiritual, like a kid at Christmas when he was happy, and lived for most of his life with bouts of depression. He was a complex man who seemed like a good old boy with nothing on his mind but getting through the day. He was an artist who never explored his talent. He loved to sing, and was better than I ever gave him credit for. He never wanted to hurt anyone in thought, word or deed. He served his country with pride as a seaman who saw the aftermath of war on beaches where nothing was left behind but the honored dead. I loved him with all my heart and miss him every day.

Remember this, when it comes to showing love for Dads and Moms in this life, no gesture is too small or too large. You will never regret the things you did to let your parents know you love them.

For those of you who didn’t have the gift of a great father think on this: you learned from all the men you’ve respected over the years who have come to mean more to you than someone who donated sperm and was never there. And, in ways you can never know, I imagine you’ve been a role model – a dad – to others.

Happy Father’s Day