Easter MorningGenerous persons will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25 (The Daily Life Bible)

The world is a complex place and the demands are many. What can I do today, that will make life better for someone else today? A minister we had several years ago said that it wasn’t up to him to decide how a beggar would use the money he gave him; his calling was to recognize a need, and fill it. That’s the gift, not the money or food or clothes or any other material contribution; the gift is a spirit of compassion and generosity. What am I doing – what have I done – what will I do, to make life better for someone else, not just in the family, but in the community and in the world? The teacher who knew she was dying of cancer, asked that instead of flowers at her funeral, mourners donate backpacks full of supplies to be given to students. That act of compassion and generosity will make a difference for many students in ways she could never have imagined. Thank you, Tammy Waddell, for your powerful gifts of teaching and compassion.


Get Ready

In Bloom


Life is not about big moments;
it is comprised of many small events.
Some leave you cold and confused,
others plant tiny seeds of love.

Big moments come and go,
we’re never entirely ready for them.
Small acts of kindness take root
and re-form who we are.

Get ready to be surprised by
joy that blossoms
when these tiny seeds
burst forth in laughter.

Get ready to weep
when the seed becomes compassion,
deeply felt and shared,
expressed in mercy and love.

Get ready to be there
in the moments you are needed.

To listen…
to laugh…
to cry–

Get ready.

In memory of our good friend Jack Van Horn, a poet at heart