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Q&A With Tour Guide Kathy Hendrickson

At the Castaneda

More than a tour; it’s an experience If you are looking for someone to lead a tour of Las Vegas, N.M., you couldn’t find a better person for the job than Kathy Hendrickson of Southwest Detours. Her enthusiasm combined with copious amounts of research…

Film Locations Focus of PWAP Tour

2016 PWAP Tour

More than 100 movies, TV shows and commercials have been filmed in Las Vegas and San Miguel County. The appeal of the area as a filming location goes back to the birth of cinema. Beginning in the early 1900s, countless movie makers and film…

Aug. 2 Tour Opens Doors to Historic Properties

Restoring her historic home on 7th Street gave Kathy Hendrickson a taste of what it means to be the proud owner of a railroad era Victorian with a past and a future. And it inspired her to become active with the Las Vegas Citizens’…

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