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Nativity – 23rd Poem of Christmas

Noel! Noel! Break the silence of the night! Angel voices shout to all – This One comes to bring new light Into the heart of anyone who hears His call, Verifying the promises of old: Into this world would come a child, To bring… Continue Reading “Nativity – 23rd Poem of Christmas”

Worship – 14th Poem of Christmas

  Wonder of wonders, the shepherds in awe Open and worshipful as angels they saw. Rise up, go to Bethlehem and see Him there, Sleeping in a manger, there were no rooms to spare. He sleeps, He his human, He is but a child,… Continue Reading “Worship – 14th Poem of Christmas”

Faith – 8th Poem of Christmas

Ceramic Nativity – Mexican Folk Art

Friend to all, enemy of none Angels would guard Him for He is the One. Incited, indicted some would shun Thinking to deny Him, He would done. He overcame all, because of Him we have won. ___________ Mexican Folk Art – Ceramic Nativity

Believe – 6th Poem of Christmas

 Because we are watched over in all ways Emmanuel floods hope through our days, Lasting love, sets hearts ablaze. Infinite praise of His miraculous birth, Evidence of God, come down to earth. Victory over despair, death and sin, Enriched when through Christ, He let… Continue Reading “Believe – 6th Poem of Christmas”

Christmas – 5th Poem of Christmas

  Christ the King, of Him we sing, Hark! He comes, let music ring! Reverberate this glorious sound, Inspiring all, let joy abound. Sing the melody of love Trust and faith from God above. Merry all who sing His grace, Angel heralds bless this… Continue Reading “Christmas – 5th Poem of Christmas”

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