Stable – 22nd Poem of Christmas

Born in a stable

Son of God, child of man,
To each of us you sing a singular song,
Anthems to touch the hearts of all.
Believers and questioners,
Lost souls seeking peace and hope,
Each looking to the Light streaming from a stable.



Son of God – 12th Poem of Christmas

Ribbon Angel


Spirit of God, Holy Father of all
Over and in us, lest we fall,
Now come sweet Jesus, heed our call.
Open to any who seek release
Faithful and trusting, filled with belief.
God the Father come down to earth,
Omniscient and holy a wee child of worth,
Divine, yet human in His lowly birth.


This craft angel purchased at a specialty shop in Clayton, N.M., is constructed of wired ribbon. It has weathered 25 Christmases.