This is my author website I am told that one should write in third person when creating an author page. Sorry, it sounds way too dry and stale, so here I go as me.

Writer Sharon Vander MeerI spent much of my career as a freelance writer, reporter and editor. I’ve been telling stories since I was a kid. My inspiration comes from everyday life. I have written fiction, commentary, essays, features, and poetry.  Find out more about my books by clicking on the Book tab in the menu. Check out more of my work on the other tabs.

My favorite thing to do is sit at my computer and write. I don’t know the meaning of writer’s block. When I sit down and enter the doorway into another realm – whether real or imagined – my brain turns off to any distractions around me. Ask my husband. Sometimes he has to repeat himself more than once… or twice, to get my attention. This is the most patient man on the planet. I credit him with giving me the courage to follow my calling. I couldn’t do it without his good heart and understanding.

I hope you become a fan. I know that sounds a bit, I don’t know, needy, but the truth is, writers write to make a statement, tell a story, explore a possibility, plant a seed. The words only come alive when they enter the hearts and minds of readers. So, thank you for buying my books and reading my posts.

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Thank you for being a reader/subscriber. It is my goal to present informative, interesting and creative content on this site. Your likes, shares and comments are welcomed and hugely appreciated. And a big thanks to Jim Terr who took the photo above. It is the one I most often use as my profile pic.

I am an indie author of six books and two chap books of poetry. Check the BOOKS tab to find out more. Follow me at www.vandermeerbooks.com, https://www.facebook.com/vandermeerbooks, Amazon Author Central. I frequently write about my town, Las Vegas, N.M. Occasionally I use interesting and helpful content from other sources. I also invite guest posts. If you have a topic you would like to share, send to fsharon@msn. com.

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