6 Terrific Gardening Sites

Farmer’s Almanac 2015:

This is a respected guide book chock full of information. The gardening calendar stretches from spring through fall Farmer's Almanacplanting and tells you when to sow indoors, plant in the ground, and when to harvest. It is customized by location based on the nearest weather station. Click this link for Las Vegas, NM.

Giant Veggie Gardener:

Jannine Cabossel calls herself an artisan farmer because she likes to create beauty in her gardens combining art, flowers, and vegetables, and because her gardens are not big enough to be called a farm, but too large to be an urban garden. Her garden is in Santa Fe, NM. Her tips and advice are  applicable to growers in the central and northern highlands of New Mexico, but can be applied elsewhere. She blogs about growing specific vegetables and about a variety of other gardening questions for the avid grower. Click this link for more tips, calendar of classes, and garden tours.

20 Perennials

Blanket FlowerWhen it comes to flowers, I love to plant once and have beauty come back year after year. This link is a slide presentation from Better Homes and Gardens that shows and tells you about 20 fabulous perennial choices, most of which are drought resistant. Since I haven’t had the courage to put anything in the ground yet – it is April in Northern New Mexico after all – I’m going to be looking for some of these for the little bit of area I will be cultivating, mostly in pots.

 Perennials vs Annuals

And wouldn’t it be nice to know which flowers will be back year after year and which will be in bloom for a season and then gone? This HGTV post is all about perennials and annuals. The site is a good resource overall for gardeners.

 Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico

VegetablesThis guide is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF.  Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico provides general information for growing vegetables. Use this publication with its companion, Circular 457-B, Growing Zones, Recommended Crop Varieties, and Planting and Harvesting Information for Home Vegetable Gardens in New Mexico. Circular 457-B includes a map showing New Mexico growing zones, as well as a table providing crop variety recommendations, recommended planting dates, days to harvest, planting instructions, and yield information.

Container Gardening

Container GardenSeveral sites on the web focus on container gardening. This link takes you to a High Country Garden blog about the care of pots as well as the plants inside them. Worth a read if you are into patio container gardening.

There are a number of show gardens in Las Vegas. A late summer tour organized by the Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation showcases several of them. With help from these sites, and a lot of hard work, your garden could be on the 2015 tour.


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